Hybrid Stainless Steel Transport Chains

The chain and gripper components are entirely stainless steel (clip, spring and gripper attachment). The pin and bushing are the only components that are nickel plated. The result is a hybrid chain that has minimal stretch and no rust. Suitable for flexible, semi-rigid and rigid applications.

  • Available in both Tiromat and Multivac Styles:
  • Minimal Stretch – Equivalent to Standard Nickel Plated Chains
  • Entirely Stainless Steel Components
  • Nickel Plated Pin and Bushings
  • Sanitary Design
  • No Rust

Special Features of Tiromat Style: Dome Gripper – Sturdier Composition and Sanitary Design Easy Clip Replacement

Clip designed for maximum film hold and easy replacement.
With AME’s Chain, this will never be your problem again.

US Patent #8,156,721 and US Patent #11,691,771