The chain and gripper components are entirely stainless steel (clip, spring and gripper attachment). The pin and bushing are the only components that are nickel plated. The result is a hybrid chain that has minimal stretch and no rust. Suitable for flexible, semi-rigid and rigid applications.

  • Available in both Tiromat and Multivac Styles:
  • Minimal Stretch – Equivalent to Standard Nickel Plated Chains
  • Entirely Stainless Steel Components
  • Nickel Plated Pin and Bushings
  • Sanitary Design
  • No Rust

Special Features of Tiromat Style: Dome Gripper – Sturdier Composition and Sanitary Design Easy Clip Replacement

Clip designed for maximum film hold and easy replacement.
With AME’s Chain, this will never be your problem again.

US Patent #8,156,721 and US Patent Pending #15,204,221