Stop Channel Leaks Dead In Their Tracks

US Patent #7,272,918

Defective packages impact brand management, our patented Dual Durometer Seal Gaskets improve seals and reduce channel leaks. With our gaskets, you will see crisp and even seals produced every index, in less time.

Key Features

  • Harder Outside Silicone – seals from the environment (75-80 durometer)
  • Softer Inside Silicone – enables excellent contact between heater and films (40-50 durometer)


  • Increased throughput by reject reduction
  • Decreased product loss and waste
  • Channel leaks eliminated
  • Minimized rework
  • Seal time reduced

Color differentiation is for demonstration purposes only. All gaskets made in dark gray silicone.


Crisp Seal Every Index



Eliminated Channel Leak



Custom and Standard Configurations Available